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Fa8kakan Baevgie[akan Wndfaniye Muiyjuyn | from 1963

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Posted on 09/08/2017 in News

History of the Duduk

From the Society for Safeguarding of the Armenian Folk Music In 2005 the Armenian Duduk music was proclaimed a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of...

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Posted on 19/04/2017 in Activities, News

Tavle Competition 2017

Tavle, nardi, or backgammon, has been a favourite of our Armenian ancestors dating back many centuries. In the spirit of keep thing long held leisure activity alive, on...

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Posted on 28/03/2017 in News

My Birthright Experience

By Johannes Michaelian At the beginning of 2016, coming out of my undergraduate studies I yearned to finally return to the land of my ancestors and discover for myself...

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