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Fa8kakan Baevgie[akan Wndfaniye Muiyjuyn | from 1963

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Posted on 24/05/2016 in Featured, News

Collaborative Dance ~ “Miyasnootyan Bar”

Collaborative Dance ~ “Miyasnootyan Bar”

On the night of Saturday, April 30th, AGBU’s Tamzara Armenian Folk Dance Group had the pleasure of joining Hamazkaine Nairi and the Azad Gharibian Dance group in an evening of wonderful performances. The concert was a first of its kind, with three different Armenian dance groups sharing the stage to celebrate one of the most important aspects of Armenian culture, dance.

Before the night got under way Tamzara dancers were welcomed with open hearts and arms by their gracious hosts. Nairi director Asadour closed a long day of rehearsals with a rousing speech about the significance of unity in the Armenian community that set the tone for a wonderful night to come.

As the opening number drew closer, backstage was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. All of the dancers across the groups shared their nerves, adrenaline, and joy with one another.

When the curtain finally opened the crowd roared with praise as they watched an assortment of enchanting Armenian folk and classical pieces. Collectively the three dance groups have over 40 years experience among them and our relatively new group Tamzara certainly held its own on this impressive stage.

First up for our dancers was a beautiful and elegant Naz Bar performed by a selection of ladies, followed by the whole group taking the stage for their signature dance, Tamzara. The costumes were impeccably designed and looked stunning on the big stage.
Naz Bar



Once the program had come to a close the stage was filled with the performers, designers, volunteers and directors of all three groups in special thanks for their contribution to the preservation of Armenian culture.


The events of the night demonstrated genuine unity within the Armenian community and that spirit continued on to a ‘kef’ after party in Crows Nest. The festivities were even going strong the next day at Santa Rosa Park with a day filled with kebab and dancing.

All of the Tamzara dancers and the AGBU community had a wonderful experience dancing and working alongside their fellow Armenian brothers and sisters. Moments like those shared at the concert will help ensure a strong and unified Armenian community in Sydney for years to come.